Understanding the difference a word can make

Quality Interpreting services for Italian, English, Spanish and French speakers in London and anywhere else!


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.simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter sits in a booth with a clear view of the meeting room and the speaker and listens to and simultaneously interprets the speech into a target language. Simultaneous interpreting requires a booth (fixed or mobile) that meets ISO standards of acoustic isolation, dimensions, air quality and accessibility as well as appropriate equipment (headphones, microphones). Translation of conference material can be provided upon request.

.consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits at the same table with the delegates or at the speaker's platform and interprets a speech into the target language after the speaker speaks. The length of the speeches varies. For this purpose the interpreter may take notes.


The interpreter is seated next to one or two meeting participants and whispers the interpretation of the speech.

.interpreting for the media

Interpreting services in all of the above modes are provided in order to facilitate international communication between filmmakers and documentarians, and during interviews with directors, actors, and the media. Interpreting of live broadcasts and press conferences for the TV and the Radio. Translation of documents pertaining to international film festivals, press conferences, premieres and documentary showcases can be provided upon request.